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This 20-Pound Prehistoric Super-Piranha Could Bite With 1,067 Pounds Of Force

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Many people are already familiar with the prehistoric ferocity of the long-extinct, 60-ton Megalodon shark, but what about the unforgiving bite of the 30-pound, 2½-foot-long Mega-piranha? The Mega-piranha, or Megapiranha paranensis, which lived at the same time as the Megalodon but within the Amazon and Parana basin habitats, was a carnivorous machine weighing about the same amount as an adult Cocker Spaniel, but with a bite force that relative to its size was stronger than that of a Tyrannosaurus rex or Megalodon.

So, what made this Miocene fish’s bite so deadly? And what on Earth could it have been feeding on that would have required it to have such unforgiving chompers? Scientists set out to find the answers to these questions, and in the process they realized the piranhas we know and fear today actually have quite a bit in common with their prehistoric predecessors.

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