27 Memes For People Who Believe 'Star Wars' Peaked With The Prequels

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There's a large contingent of Star Wars fans who believe that not only are the prequel movies and shows unfairly maligned, but they actually represent the best of the iconic space saga. As you'll see in these posts (pulled from r/prequelmemes), this is a passionate fandom who rebuke all Jar-Jar disparaging comments! 

  • 1. 'Duel Of The Fates' Anyone?

    'Duel Of The Fates' Anyone?
    Photo: u/HeadofRanchSecurity / Reddit
    308 votes
  • 2. This Is Bait

    This Is Bait
    Photo: u/ryanwosleger / Reddit
    327 votes
  • 3. Check The Midi-chlorians

    Check The Midi-chlorians
    Photo: u/-zero01one- / Reddit
    273 votes
  • 4. Hey You

    Hey You
    Photo: u/laumavato / Reddit
    318 votes
  • 5. Jack Dooku

    Jack Dooku
    Photo: u/Jannik321_ / Reddit
    257 votes
  • 6. A Scathing Indictment

    A Scathing Indictment
    Photo: u/plaugebacon / Reddit
    217 votes