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The Worst Prescription Drug Side Effects

Updated November 9, 2018 569.2k views20 items
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Everything has a side effect, from coffee to Tylenol to eating too much pizza (that’s called “getting rad”). Most prescription drug side effects are usually not that big a deal. Who cares about having dry mouth when you don’t have blood clots, right? Unfortunately, some side effects are worse - or weirder - than others.

While most people start taking a medication with the understanding that it will make them healthy, they rarely realize their brain, gait, and even skin color may change irreversibly. Once you get about halfway through this collection of strange side effects, you’ll start to notice that a lot of medications can really mess you up, unless you’re into having lucid nightmares or disappearing fingerprints. 

It’s unrealistic to think there are medications without side effects, but it’s also hard to believe that anyone would willingly subject their body to something knowing that there’s a small chance it could make them kill their family. This isn't meant to be alarmist, but as Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” If you're genuinely worried, talk to your doctor.