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All of the Times Crazies Have Tried to Kill President Obama

Updated 2 Aug 2018 724.7k views17 items

List RulesList includes all assassination threats and attempts against Barack Obama.

Barack Obama assassination attempts began even before he became president, when he was still on the campaign trail. While nobody has managed to actually take a shot at President Obama directly, many people have either plotted to assassinate him, claimed they were plotting to kill him, or threatened to do so.

Any threat to kill Obama, no matter how outlandish or done in jest, is investigated by the Secret Service. Often, incidents that would be brushed off if they happened to private citizens end in jail time because they were directed at the president, who is protected by specific federal laws. These threats are taken seriously, and sometimes result in decades of prison time.

Here are the most prominent attempts to assassinate President Obama, the majority of which were defused before they were actually carried out.

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