Politics Here's Why Teddy Roosevelt Is The Most Epic President In All Of History  

Kellie Kreiss

In October of 1912, the 26th President of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt, was getting ready to deliver a speech to a crowd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when an assassin took a proverbial swing at him by way of a pistol shot to the heart. And believe it or not, Roosevelt survived the ordeal completely unfazed - and lived to do more than just tell about it.

Immediately after be took a bullet to the chest, he went on to deliver a fiery campaign speech to a crowd full of understandably stunned Milwaukeeans. “Friends, I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible," he said, opening the speech. “I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot.”

His 50-page oratorical endeavor lasted for as long as 90 minutes, according to accounts. Only after completing his speech did he go to see a doctor about his newly acquired lead embellishment.

So, just how did Roosevelt survive this would-be assassination? With the help of a few items hidden in his pocket and a whole lot of characteristically Rooseveltian determination.

It's an unbelievable story, but as the video shows, it's all true. Watch below and prepare to be amazed. To quote Roosevelt himself, "Bully!"