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Every US President’s Favorite Food, Ranked

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George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln are larger-than-life historical figures, but they, along with more contemporary notables like JFK and Ronald Reagan, were all ordinary human beings before they held the office of the presidency, and that means they all had favorite foods. Even world leaders need to consume calories to survive, but what actually goes in each presidential mouth can vary wildly depending on the administration.

Presidential personalities have ranged greatly over the decade, and their individual palates reflect this, with favorite foodstuffs fluctuating as frequently as foreign policy. Each POTUS has made special requests from the White House kitchen or the recipe file of the first lady. That’s why certain portions of the White House record read more like a recipe book than an archive of history

  • Teddy Roosevelt liked to regularly eat meat of any variety, but he loved nothing more than fried chicken.

    Said to be able to take down more than a whole chicken in a single sitting, Roosevelt probably would have been a big fan of KFC and Popeyes had they existed in his day. He once stated that “the only way to serve fried chicken is with white gravy soaked into the meat.”

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    • Barack Obama once claimed his favorite food was broccoli, but those who worked with him will attest that it’s actually cheeseburgers.

      Unlike a few other recent presidents, Obama typically prefers burgers of a higher quality than what the average fast food joint offers.

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        Franklin Pierce was the first president born in New Hampshire, and he brought a taste for classic New Hampshire-style fried apple pies with him to the White House.

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          Martin Van Buren loved apples, particularly combined with some other delicacy.

          He liked apple-themed dessert items best of all, including apple doughnuts and Dutch apple cake. 

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