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14 Of The Best Recipes From US Presidents And First Ladies

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They say people are what they eat - and that is equally true of US presidents. Food is more than a dish to be consumed; it is also an expression of identity. For American presidents, food is often political: Their signature dishes are tools that have helped them express their regional roots, public image, and political brand.

But US presidents were not the only ones setting culinary tones in the White House. Historically, first ladies have had an important role in overseeing meals within the White House, because many of them created and used recipes that world leaders, politicians, and everyday Americans would sample. However, enslaved cooks - who seldom got credit for shaping the tastes of the presidency - may have developed and prepared some historic White House recipes.

From Thomas Jefferson's obsession with French cuisine to LBJ's love of Texas barbecue, the dishes presidents have consumed say a lot about their identity and politics.