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13 Photos Of Presidents Hanging Out In Casual Clothes

Updated August 27, 2019 54.4k views12 items

Seeing presidents in casual clothes feels like, to quote Means Girls' Janis Ian, "seeing a dog walk on its hind legs." You know they dress down, you just never expect to see it, especially immortalized in White House archives or the annals of Getty Images. When it comes to the executive office, a set of presidential rules lays out how the person in charge and their family must dress and behave. Even with those guidelines in mind, plenty of presidents get photographed in casual clothing, giving US citizens a political story that doesn't involve filibusters, scandals, or C-SPAN.

Some casually dressed presidents include JFK shirtless at the beach or Obama mid-shot playing basketball, each providing a more in-depth look at the figures behind the face of the presidency. The pictures may look strange to a viewer who isn't used to seeing their commander-in-chief in athletic shorts, but who, president or citizen, can veto the comfort of athleisure?