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Weird History
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Every US President Who's Been Subject To An FBI Investigation

Updated 15 Aug 2018 15.2k views8 items

On the campaign trail in 2016, Trump commented during a Michigan rally that, “if Hillary is elected, she will be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of a sitting president... This is just what we need.” Considering the FBI investigation launched against Trump during the dawn of his presidency, the statement now reads as painfully ironic.

However, it may surprise you to know Trump's situation is far from unique. How many presidents have been under investigation for federal political scandals while occupying the Oval Office? As it turns out, the list of presidents investigated by the FBI is frighteningly long, with a history of FBI investigations into sitting presidents going back to Richard Nixon.

The number of US presidents investigated while in office leads one to believe that such a thing is almost routine, and that the current scandal embroiling the Trump presidency is just business as usual. In fact, Trump himself would likely be dismayed to learn that Barack Obama is the sole president since Nixon to not be subject to a major investigation. Here, you'll find a closer look at presidents who have been under criminal investigation, how they responded to it, and the political fallout - or lack thereof - that ensued. 

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