Prestige TV Shows You Watched Mostly Just To Fit In

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Vote up the shows you don't think were as good as everybody said, but you still watched  just to be part of the bigger cultural conversation.

Somtimes people watch TV shows because they enjoy the shows. And sometimes people watch TV shows because they want to fit in. It's okay. Especially when a classy prestige TV series takes off and becomes a cultural phenomenon, anybody who isn't already on the bandwagon feels pressure to catch up then keep up. When a bunch of cool kids are talking about a cliffhanger episode or stanning their favorite character, contrarians are always happy to say "I've never seen an episode of Succession," but for the rest of us, it's nice to be able to contribute to the conversation.

This is a safe space to confess via voting: vote up the shows you watch or watched even though you didn't love them but because everybody else was doing it.

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