Which Prestige TV Shows Did You Start But Never Actually Finish?

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Vote up the acclaimed staples of classy TV that are definitely good shows, but you just couldn't muster the energy or attention to see through to the end.

Despite a lot of word of mouth and awards season love, not everyone has time to watch every great TV show – or they start one then they get distracted with another. Maybe that's been you. Or maybe you've spent years hearing everyone swear a show is a towering work of monumental art, only to start the show and find it's a snooze. It's happened to us all. You finally commit to a prestige series and, as you watch, you slowly realize that the show just isn't working for you. It leaves you wondering if the whole thing is wildly overrated or if there's something wrong with you. Either way, whether you're willing to admit to your friends and family, you don't finish the whole shebang.

These are the biggest prestige shows you might not have had time or the inclination to finish. Unlike everyone else, we're not here to tell you that you have to watch these brilliant exemplars of TV as an art form. We just want to know which ones you've never watched all the way through.

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