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The Prettiest Hair In Modern Animation

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the prettiest hair of them all? Along with water, hair is famously one of the hardest things to animate, but some modern artists have risen to the challenge, bringing audiences more and more gorgeous hair with each passing year. Whether its Disney movies, TV shows, video games, or anime, technological advances have led to some huge innovations in the animation industry.

For instance, Merida's luscious ginger mane from Disney's Brave was constructed meticulously with "1,500 hand-placed, sculpted individual curls." And in Zootopia, one of the best animated films, a single mouse has a staggering 480,000 hairs - more than every character in Frozen combined! Check out this list and vote up the digital characters who you think boasts the best hair animation. 

  • Moana From Moana
    Photo: Walt Disney Studios
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  • Elsa From Frozen
    Photo: Walt Disney Studios
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  • Rapunzel From Tangled
    Photo: Walt Disney Studios
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  • Merida From Brave
    Photo: Walt Disney Studios
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