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Between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, there are never any shortage of movies to stream, and there are always copious comic book movies to stream. However, often lost in the glitz and glamour of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe are the sheer number of great animated comic book movies that are available to be watched instantly right at this very moment. Whether one is a fan of DC, Marvel, or both, there’s more than enough movies online to make for a serious superhero binge session. 

Long before Marvel Studios was pumping out three blockbuster films per year, the world of animated comic book features was alive and thriving. Unlike the cinematic side of things, DC is generally considered to be the superior producer of animated films, and they put out quality films each and every year. However, that’s not to say there isn’t also a plethora of solid Marvel features, too. Here are some pretty decent animated comic book movies you can check out on a streaming platform near you.

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Justice League: Doom

Streaming On: CW Seed

Based on the Tower of Babel storyline from DC Comics, one of the most popular Justice League tales of the past 20 years, this movie sees the Justice League taken down by the Legion of Doom, who have gained access to Batman’s secret plans to defeat his own teammates.

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Planet Hulk

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

This animated film is a relatively faithful, albeit condensed, version of one of the Hulk’s most popular comic book storylines. The elevator pitch is great—it’s Gladiator on an alien planet full of monsters, starring the Hulk.

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Streaming On: CW Seed

In the comics, Flashpoint was the event that resulted in the complete reboot of DC continuity. The film adaptation focuses more on some of the awesome set pieces from the storyline’s alternative universe setting, like Thomas Wayne as Batman and Wonder Woman as a tyrant.

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Justice League: War

Streaming On: Netflix

This is a faithful retelling of the revamped New 52 origin of the Justice League, and both comic and film had an obvious influence on 2017’s Justice League feature film. This version is arguably better.

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The Lego Batman Movie

Streaming On: HBO Go

The Lego Batman Movie is exactly what it sounds like, and is easily the most humorous take on the Dark Knight to ever hit the big screen. Funny, but still respectful and reverent of the source material.

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Justice League: The New Frontier

Streaming On: CW Seed

The comic book miniseries DC: The New Frontier was Darwyn Cooke’s love letter to DC’s Silver Age, and this is a condensed adaptation of the story that maintains Cooke’s iconic art style.

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Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

Taking place in a future in which Ultron has successfully taken over the world, Next Avengers features Tony Stark secretly raising the children of some of the most notable, and now dead, Avengers. Of course, it isn’t long before these kids form their own team and take the fight back to Ultron.

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Hulk Vs.

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

A two-part feature, Hulk Vs. pairs the jade giant with two of his many comic book rivals—Thor, God of Thunder, and Wolverine, the most popular mutant in the world. Each part offers fun, action, and plenty of interesting cameos, including Deadpool!

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Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

This animated retelling of Doctor Strange’s origin story is more by-the-books than the MCU version, and it came out almost ten years before the Hollywood blockbuster.

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Ultimate Avengers

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

An animated adaptation of the first few storylines of The Ultimates, an updated take on the Avengers set in an alternate comic book universe. A more gritty and unrefined version of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

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Thor: Tales Of Asgard

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

Set in Thor and Loki’s youth, this movie offers a glimpse at the thunder god before he was worthy of lifting the mighty Mjolnir. The brothers soon find themselves embroiled in a conflict with Surtur.

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Son of Batman

Streaming On: Netflix

Damian Wayne is an often-polarizing character in comic book fandom, but this animated film is him at his best. Damian’s origins as the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul is only the beginning of this action-packed tale.

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The Invincible Iron Man

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

A year before the Marvel Cinematic Universe began, The Invincible Iron Man told Tony Stark’s origins in a very similar fashion. The film’s villain was a much more comic-faithful version of the Mandarin than the one who would eventually appear in the MCU.

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Ultimate Avengers II

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

The sequel to Ultimate Avengers diverges further from its source material to deliver a complete story and fitting finale to this short film franchise.  

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Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United

Streaming On: Netflix

The computer animated style of this film isn’t for everyone, but the storyline is fun enough to make it worth a watch. It sees the titular heroes taking on the Red Skull and Taskmaster, a highly underrated villain.