Pretty Solid Home Invasion Movies On Netflix Right Now

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Vote up the home invasion movies on Netflix that you would probably watch on, like, a random Wednesday or something.

Out of all the horror movies on Netflix, the home invasion subgenre may be the most varied of the bunch. Within this set of films about people getting stalked through their homes by strangers, you can also find stories about people who might be ghosts, aliens breaking into homes, and lots of creeps making full use of their video cameras. All of the home invasion movies on Netflix are supremely fun to watch, but they will have you checking your closets when you come home after work.

Some of the most frightening movies to bingewatch on your own are home invasion films. Not just because they’re so spooky, but because out of all the horror films on Netflix they’re the most likely to actually occur. After all, who’s to say that your landlord hasn’t installed cameras in you apartment, or that there’s not some super creep living in your walls? You may not have been wondering that, but once you watch the films on this list you’re definitely going to be putting real thought into whether or not you’re being watched while you sleep.

There’s something different in each of these home invasion films, and you should check them all out, especially if you like freaking yourself out when you’re home alone. 


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    Imagine being deaf and mute while someone sneaks around your house and takes pictures of you. Oh, also they're going to kill you. That's basically the plot of Hush, a taut thriller that makes the most of its meager budget in order to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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    13 Cameras

    13 Cameras
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    Think about your landlord. Are they the worst? Do you like them? Even if they're the best landlord in the world, you still probably don't want them watching your every move. That's exactly what's going on in this creepy indie film. It seems like it was written to make you walk around your apartment in a homemade invisibility cloak (or extra long quilt). 

  • He's Out There
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    While vacationing at a remote lake house, a mother and her daughters become pawns in the twisted game of an ax-wielding psycopath. 

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    This compact, indie thriller regularly takes the audience by surprise with its disarming humor mixed with straight-up horrific moments. It's one of those films that becomes more frightening the more you think about it. On the first watch, there's only one small home invasion, but after finishing the film and watching it a second time you'll have a realization that changes the way you think about Mark Duplass's character.