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Pretty Good Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now

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There’s never been a better time to be a horror fan. Thanks to the Internet, you can see every scary movie you'd ever want, whenever you want. Unfortunately, not every horror film is a home run, but that’s life. Luckily, Netflix has plenty of above-average horror films streaming on their site right now. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of decent movies to watch while you’re all alone at night.

Not every horror film can be a groundbreaking piece of existential terror, but there are plenty of movies that are not bad but not brilliant either, and sometimes that’s what you’re in the mood for. Your brain can’t take a constant barrage of art that’s considered by critics and fans across the board to be absolutely perfect - that’s why every once in a while you need to watch a movie about Turkish cops accidentally driving into a Hell dimension. Who cares if it’s the same basic plot as Event Horizon? It’s still fun to watch.

If you’ve got Netflix you can stream these pretty good but not great horror films right now, and you totally should.

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    If you'd like to avoid the typical jump scares, this is the horror film for you. Hush uses a rare combination of silence and believability to lure you into its rather horrifying plotline.

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    Tucker & Dale vs. Evil stretches the limits of what's technically considered horror, but by the end of the film it leans into being a slasher that's not half bad. If you're the kind of horror film fan that likes to see the rules of genre inverted and played around with, then you'll probably enjoy watching this movie. You won't love it, but it's a fine way to pass an hour and a half. 

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    If you aren't a fan of British horror yet, you will be after watching The Ritual. This film will certainly appeal to anyone with a love for the outdoors, but only those who can handle an array of psychologically terrifying twists and turns should indulge.

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    Last Shift finally answers the question, "What would happen if there were demons in a police station?" This movie isn't going to blow your mind, but there's a couple of neat visuals, and the filmmakers make use of the claustrophobic space in order to get inside your head. Also, you can't beat a demon with a pentagram face.

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