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Pretty Good Movies About Demons Worth Watching On A Saturday Night

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Are you looking for a movie to watch while you Netflix and chill that says, “our world is controlled by forces that we do not understand and I fear that at any moment they may strike out against us?” Or are you just looking for some pretty good movies to watch on a Saturday night that also happen to be about creatures from Hell rising up to destroy mankind, or ruin a specific person’s life? If so, the movies about demons that are on this list will fit quite well into that growing Netflix queue you have.

There hasn’t been an amazing movie about demons since The Exorcist, but don’t let that stop you from checking out these demon movies that are pretty good. You might even find yourself thinking that some of them are great - and that’s fine, everyone has different taste. Most movies with demons all have a few specific narrative bullet points they hit, so if you’re going to watch all of these in one night make sure you’re okay with seeing five or six different versions of a priest yelling at a young woman in a t-shirt dress while she writhes and chants in Latin.

If pretty okay Netflix movies about demons is way too specific for you, why not check out these pretty okay horror films? Or maybe a movie about ghosts? Whatever you fancy, all these movies are pretty okay. 

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    This film adaptation of the Hellblazer comics has everything you want in a big-budget supernatural action movie: Keanu Reeves, steampunk gadgets, and a whole lotta CGI. Don't go into this one expecting a faithful adaptation of its source material, nor for high art; it's more of a funhouse attraction, and if you turn your brain off a bit and enjoy the ride, you'll have a good time watching it.

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    After having a nasty wreck in the Columbian countryside, a family seeks help and shelter in an old hotel. The owner allows them to stay, though he is initially reluctant, and soon, the family finds out why: he's hiding a little girl locked up in a wooden box. Naturally, they free her...and unleash a supernatural terror in the process.

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    A police officer and a criminal psychologist investigate a series of deaths inside the notorious Livinsgston House after a group of paranormal researchers accidentally unleash evil entities into the home. The film doesn't break any new ground with the subgenre, but where it lacks in originality, it makes up for with style and pure entertainment value.

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    House on Willow Street

    Two professional kidnappers nab a young woman, but this turns out to be no ordinary job (HINT: she's a demon!). Supernatural hijinks ensue.

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