The Best Ghost Movies On Netflix Right Now

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Are you in the mood to get spooked out by some great ghost and paranormal movies on Netflix? Then all you need to do is fire up your Internet machine and throw on one of these scary movies about ghosts on Netflix right now. All of these pretty good films make their own variations on the idea of what a ghost story is, or how a haunted house movie should play out, and they’re all okay - seriously, not one of them is above or below average. 

Movies about ghosts and haunted houses are always fun to put on when you’re having a movie night with your friends. Not only do you get to see which one of your compadres is the most skittish when it comes to long shots of a darkly lit hallway, but movies about ghosts generally lead to personal ghost stories coming out, and that’s always a special time in a friendship. So whether you’re watching alone or with friends, these pretty okay movies about ghosts that are streaming on Netflix will take your night from boring to boo-oring (sorry). And once you’ve made your way through these tales of spooky splendor you should check out the best pretty okay horror movies on Netflix, unless you’re scared. 

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