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13 Pretty Good Serial Killer Movies On Netflix

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There are a lot of pretty good movies on Netflix right now, especially if you’re a horror fan. But out of all the horror subgenres, the serial killer movies on Netflix are pretty solid. Whether you like your serial killer movies campy or so intense that you never want to leave your house again, there’s something streaming for you right now. Movies about serial killers are some of the best and most interesting films because they aren’t tethered to one basic narrative structure. They can be more cerebral, kitschy, and/or based on true stories. You really never know what you’re going to get when you’re dealing with a serial killer. Each one of these movies about serial killers on Netflix right now will lead you down a different path that promises to bring on the heebie jeebies.

You know how it is when you’re browsing Netflix. You stare at a bunch of movies for about an hour; you wonder about whether or not they’re worth your time; and then you end up bingewatching something that you’ve seen a million times because it’s a known quantity. Stop doing that! The movies about serial killers on this list are worth your time, and you’ll be a better person for having watched them. Okay, you might not be a better person, but you’ll be a person who has watched some new horror movies, and that’s always cool. Once you burn through these serial killer movies, you can move on to watching all of the good movies about demons that Netflix has to offer. And then you’ll have a clean queue - won’t that be nice?