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The Price Is Right Just Made History, And Everyone Lost Their Freaking Minds

Updated October 9, 2017 22.3k views14 items

"Come on down!" Fans have been shouting that phrase since The Price Is Right debuted in 1972. Hosted by Bob Barker, the game show quickly became popular thanks to its ridiculous contestants and amped audience members. The show has had its fair share of memorable moments and hilarious lines. But on September 22, 2017, something magical happened with the Showcase Showdown, also known as the Big Wheel. After a few spins, everyone freaked out over The Price Is Right.

Under the watchful eye of host Drew Carey, three contestants spun the Big Wheel to try to make it to the final Showcase and win a few bucks. And thanks to a combination of luck and a bonus instituted to mark Carey's 10 years as host, the contestants wound up with the biggest Price Is Right payout on the Big Wheel to date.

After all these years, The Price Is Right made history once again. No wonder it's a daytime television staple.

  • The Contestants Earned The Trifecta

    Next up was Zacharia, who had a tough act to follow. On his first spin, he got 85 cents. The pressure was on for spin number two... and the Wheel came through, landing on 15 cents. That meant $10,000 for Zacharia, and $30,000 total given out by the show so far.

  • It Was Time For A Tie-Breaker

    The Showcase Showdown wasn't over. There was a three-way tie, but there could only be one winner, so each contestant got a single bonus spin. If the Wheel landed on the green 5 cent or 15 cent pieces, they would get another $10,000. And if they landed on the red dollar, they would get a bonus of $25,000.

  • Wilbert Won Again

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    Once again, Wilbert was up first. He only got one spin this time, but one was all he needed. Someway, somehow, he landed exactly on the one dollar mark, earning him an additional $25,000 (and $35,000 total).

  • Charlotte Kept The Streak Going

    Charlotte was up next, and she came through yet again. After landing on a dollar her first time, she miraculously did the exact same thing again. That's an extra $25,000 for her, and five straight contestants hitting $1.00 on each of their turns.