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How Much You Can Make Selling Your Hair, Depending On Color, Length, And More

Updated 24 Jan 2019 11.8k views12 items

Most of us are so attached to our hair - both literally and figuratively - that the idea of chopping it all off and selling it may sound ludicrous. But when you find out how much your hair could sell for on the market, it might be enough to adjust your position. While many factors can influence the sale price of a person's hair, one thing is certain: if you have an in-demand color or texture and your hair is in good condition (sorry, people with cowlick hair), there's likely someone out there willing to pay for it.  

There are also a number of factors that can influence why someone might want your hair. The biggest reason is the most obvious: for wigs and hair extensions. But this is where the dark side of the modern hair trade emerges. Poor and marginalized people, primarily women, have been targeted by unethical "hair traders" who pressure, bribe, and even issue threats in an attempt to get their hands on precious human locks. The human hair industry is unregulated, and such harassment is all too common.

But if you're reading this and wondering where to sell your hair, chances are that you're willingly considering giving up your locks in exchange for cash. How much money, exactly? While it's not as high as black market organ prices, your hair can still earn you a decent amount. But a lot goes into calculating the value of human hair, and there's likely plenty of other things you never knew about the global hair trade.

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