The Lifetime Movie About Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Is A Trainwreck You Can't Look Away From

Where to start with Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, the Lifetime flick about Prince Harry wooing Meghan Markle? It's certainly out there, and that’s saying something when you're talking about made-for-TV movies. The film takes the audience for a thrill ride through Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s romance, from their first blind date to their life as an engaged couple. Just don't hold your breath for any mention of the wedding or its weird merchandise – that comes later.

The Prince Harry Meghan Markle Lifetime movie really has to be seen to be truly experienced. But, if you can’t bring yourself to watch, then you should at least read about all the crazy moments you're missing. This is a movie that features hot royal men, Princess Diana as a lion, and some of the strangest dates you’ll ever see.

  • Princess Diana Appears As A Lion During Times Of Crisis

    Princess Diana Appears As A Lion During Times Of Crisis
    Photo: Lifetime

    Harry goes through some extreme emotions in Africa in the film, once just after his mother's funeral and again following a fight with Meghan. Each time Harry runs away to rage in private – only to be approached by a lion. According to the movie, the lion represents Princess Diana, reaching out to Harry from beyond the grave to give him strength.

  • The Script Was Written In Two Weeks

    The Script Was Written In Two Weeks
    Photo: Lifetime

    Plenty of movies get rushed into production, but very few feature-length scripts are written in two weeks. A Royal Romance was, though, and according to screenwriter Scarlett Lacey, there was no other choice. She was asked to write the script in November 2017; the film was scheduled to shoot at the end of January 2018.

    Lacey told Entertainment Weekly, "The day after the announcement of the engagement, I got the call from Lifetime. We started writing in December and we finished writing in January."

  • Royal Officials Weren't Happy About The Sex Scenes

    Royal Officials Weren't Happy About The Sex Scenes
    Photo: Lifetime

    Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance may be TV-PG, but it's pretty steamy when Meghan seduces Harry after a day in Botswana. According to the film's director, the royal family was none too pleased with the scene, saying that the palace was "seriously worried" about it.

    The film also shows Harry and Meghan in bed in various states of undress, but none of those scenes heat up the audience the way being in Africa apparently heats up our two leads.

  • Yes, The Film Opens With Harry And Meghan As Children

    Yes, The Film Opens With Harry And Meghan As Children
    Photo: Lifetime

    Like many films "based on a true story," the opening minutes of A Royal Romance portray Harry and Meghan as children. Meghan, the fledgling activist, is shown speaking up about a sexist dish soap commercial on TV. Harry is shown walking behind Princess Diana's casket and going on a miserable trip to Africa. In a particularly jaw-dropping moment, he pushes his father's rifle away as he fires at a lion.

  • Meghan's Feminist Principles Are Really Underscored

    Meghan's Feminist Principles Are Really Underscored
    Photo: Lifetime

    Just how feminist is Meghan in this movie? Well, she says things like "glass ceilings, not glass slippers," so you be the judge. Meghan doesn't want Harry to fight for her because she can fight her own battles. And if she doesn't like a line on her hit television show, Suits, she has it changed. Deal with it.

    Screenwriter Terrence Coli told Entertainment Weekly that he and co-writer Scarlett Lacey read Meghan's blog to get into her empowered headspace. Coli said, "The Tig was a source of a lot of great material for us. To help us get into the character and understand who she is in real life.”

    Lacey added, "When she spoke at the U.N. Women’s Conference, I knew that had to be a major part of her core character. And then when we saw her on Nickelodeon news at 11-years-old, fighting for everyone to do dishes and not just women, it gave us so much."

  • The Guy Who Plays Prince William Is Hilariously Inaccurate

    The Guy Who Plays Prince William Is Hilariously Inaccurate
    Photo: Lifetime

    It's hard to cast a movie about real people who are alive right now. Where do you find someone who not only looks like the person they're meant to portray, but who can also act? Burgess Abernathy, who plays Prince William, can definitely perform the part. But let's just say he looks... different than the recognizable royal. William isn't in the film all that much, but when he does show up it's hard not to stare. And what's up with that faux-balding hairline?