17 Dedicated Fans Describe What It Was Like To See Prince Live In Concert

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We asked Ranker users what it was like to see Prince in concert before he passed, and boy did our people deliver.  We have collected the most genuine descriptions and experiences our users shared about the time they went to see Prince perform live. Don't forget to vote up your favorite posts.

  • 1. Chuck R.

    Chuck R.
    Photo: Chuck R. / Facebook
    236 votes
  • 2. Jeff S.

    Jeff S.
    Photo: Jeff S. / Facebook
    144 votes
  • 3. Star M.

    Star M.
    Photo: Star M. / Facebook
    178 votes
  • 4. Aubrey R.

    Aubrey R.
    Photo: Aubrey R. / Facebook
    135 votes
  • 5. Angela P.

    Angela P.
    Photo: Angela P. / Facebook
    119 votes
  • 6. Jose M.

    Jose M.
    Photo: Jose M / Facebook
    152 votes