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Inspiring Prince Songs and Lyrics That Inform How You Live

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It’s impossible to fully understand the genius of an artist like Prince. He didn’t just transcend pop music and whatever genre radio tried to label him as, and he wasn’t just a savant who could play any instrument he picked up. The man was an honest to goodness genius when it came to writing music. One aspect of Prince's songwriting that tends to get overlooked is his lyrical content. On first listen, Prince's songs sound like they’re either about gettin’ down with a fine lady, or dancing until the sun comes up, but for each "Little Red Corvette" there was a sly philosophic undercurrent buried in another track. This list takes a look at the most meaningful Prince lyrics that can enrich your life.

Once you delve into Prince’s lyrical content you begin to realize he was a man who was not only aware of his place in the world of pop music, but someone who was concerned about what it meant to love someone - and to love yourself. Some of his more androgynous lyrics paint a picture of a person transcending heteronormative roles, all the while finding spirituality on the dance floor. Take a look at these Prince lyrics that inform how you live and think about how to make yourself just a little bit more Prince today than you were yesterday.

Vote up the most inspirational Prince lyrics, and if your favorite lines aren't already on the list, feel free to write them up for everyone in the comments. And if you love him, be sure to cast your vote in our list of the best Prince albums.

  • Diamonds and Pearls
    Photo: jimieye / Wikimedia Commons

    Am I the weaker man
    Because I understand
    That love must be the master plan?

    It's not as in your face as when The Beatles sang "All you need is love," but it's the same sentiment. If you can be even half as beatific as Prince you should consider yourself lucky.
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  • I Would Die 4 U
    Video: YouTube

    I would die for you
    Darling if you want me to
    I would die for you

    Wrapped in this metaphor-heavy song where Prince compares himself to God, is a message about giving your everything for a person - even if they hooked up with Morris Day.
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  • I Wanna Be Your Lover
    Video: YouTube

    I wanna be your brother
    I wanna be your mother and your sister, too

    One of the few expressions of the all encompassing love that we should all be so lucky to find in pop music. There's nothing wrong with the desire to be someone's everyone.
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  • Sometimes It Snows in April
    Video: YouTube

    Love, it isn't love until it's past.

    Ain't that the way it always is? Don't let this lyric foreshadow your romantic failings, use it to seize the day and recognize love while it's still in front of you.
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