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Pictures of Prince William from a Baby to Today

So. Remember when Prince William was your boyfriend? And remember when you bought a paperback biography about him at your school book fair and read it over and over? And remember how handsome Prince William was back in the day? What happened, right?! Well, mostly he started losing his hair. Oh well. There are still lots of great pictures of Prince William on the Internet. Let's take a trip through time together, one year at a time, from 1982 to 2015. Together, let's watch William grow from a tiny baby, to a teen heartthrob, to a balding royal gentleman. It will be a lot of fun!

Want to see some Prince William baby pictures? Yeah, you know you do. Luckily, they are here in this royal photo gallery. See him with a bunch of puppies! See him with his mini-horse, Smokey! He was a very cute child and, fortunately, his status as a royal in the public eye means there are pictures of Wills from every year of his life. How old is Prince William anyway? We thought you might ask this. He's 32, which isn't really even that old! It's just that hairline that's holding him back and keeping him from being as smolderingly handsome as he was back in the mid-to-late-'90s.

Prince William is married now, anyway, so you couldn't even date him if you wanted to. Kate Middleton made an honest prince out of him, and now she and Will (and Baby Prince George!) just gallivant around the world being royal and generally delightful.

So from Prince William young to Prince William receding hair line to Prince William and Catherine ("Duchess of Cambridge," if you're feelin' fancy), revel in these pictures of Prince William through the years ,and try not to be mad that you never had your own mini-horse named Smokey or got to go to the World Cup with David Beckham.
  • 1982 - Crying in Front of QEII AND The Queen Mother

  • 1983 - Learning to Walk During a Royal Tour to New Zealand

    Photo: Anwar Hussein/Contributor / Getty Images Europe
  • 1984 - Celebrating His Second Birthday with the Press

  • 1985 - On the First Day of Preschool

    Photo: Anwar Hussein/Contributor / Hulton Archive

    Wills was the first member of the royal family to attend preschool outside of Buckingham Palace! Such a man of the people!