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Inconceivable Yet Believable 'Princess Bride' Fan Theories

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The Princess Bride is the quintessential feel-good family film. Along with an eponymous novel that served as its source material, the movie tells a fantastical story of a couple in love who must overcome many dastardly adversaries to live happily ever after. As one of a whole bunch of funny and heartwarming '80s movies, The Princess Bride is the ideal film to watch with kids or a date, thanks to its romantic themes. The film's fantasy setting combined with its cult following makes it perfect for speculation fodder. Since the film's 1987 release, there has been no shortage of The Princess Bride fan theories.

These range from the importance of the film's famous three-word phrase (as seen in the "as you wish" fan theory) to the argument that Prince Humperdinck did ultimately triumph, despite the film's optimistic ending. In the "Dread Pirate Roberts grandpa" fan theory, some speculate that the senior man telling the story could be more significant than the viewer initially believes. Remember to vote up the arguments that you think are most believable, and vote down those that are inconceivable.

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