Prison Guards Describe The Most Disturbing Things They've Dealt With On The Job

Terrible people do terrible things that land them in prison. Given the high concentration of negative energy present there, it comes as no surprise prison guards see awful things happen in prison. Correctional officer horror stories read like terrifying true crime novels that coincidentally enough take place in the one area supposed to actively prevent such incidents. When confined with other like-minded lawbreakers, inmates left to their own devices sometimes create disturbing weapons of their own, which they use against other prisoners or unlucky guards. The very worst things prison guards saw in prison come as part of the job description, but that never prepares them for the literal sh*tstorms adorning cell walls.

Shared on Reddit, the most disturbing prison guard stories should scare anyone into good behavior. Broken shanks, smuggled drugs, and flying feces are only the tip of the iceberg.


  • An Inmate Beat An Officer To Death

    From Renotss:

    "Once a psych patient, after placed in an observation cell, pulled a razor out of his an*s and proceeded to go to town on his genitals.

    The worst by far was a seg inmate slipping his cuffs, removing an officer's bean slot bar (a big chunk of iron with a prong on the end used to open slots in the cell doors to pass trays through / handcuff inmates), and beat him to death with it. I was one of the first responders, and quit shortly after this one."

    • A Literally Shocking Sight

      From vman4402:

      "Former prison guard here. I had to escort a new prisoner to medical, but had no idea why until we got to medical. He had bandages all over both legs and he walked stiff-legged (couldn't bend his legs).

      When he sat down, the nurse started removing bandages to expose rotted, abscessed flesh. He was a heroin addict and was injecting in his legs, which had grown so swollen and gangrenous that the smell almost put me down. When he tried to bend his right leg, the skin split and infection oozed all over the floor. The doctor looked at me and immediately called for another guard to come to the room. I asked what was wrong and she said, 'You're going into shock, I need you to leave before you pass out.' 

      Surprised at what she said, I protested, but she demanded that I leave. On my way out, I started to feel light-headed. I looked in a mirror and noticed that I was sheet-white (normally a brown guy). I've seen people hanging. I've seen people stabbed and shot. I saw a guy blow his head off with a shotgun. When I was in the Corps, I've pulled burned bodies out of a crashed CH-53E. This, by far, was the worst thing I've ever seen."

      • The Most Vile Prisoner Told Funny Jokes

        From Brummiediv:

        "I knew a prison guard at Winson Green in Birmingham and he said the most disturbing thing about Fred West was how jovial he was. The officers kept forgetting and laughing at his jokes and stuff and then thinking, 'Erm this guy sexually tortured his own daughter and buried her in concrete.'"

        • This Guy Saw It All

          From heyyouwtf:

          "I was a correctional officer at a max unit for several years. I'll just make a list.

          • I had a guy slice his own neck in front of me.
          • Had a guy hang himself on a night we were very short. I had to stand there and wait several minutes for another person before entering the cell. We were able to save him.
          • Had a guy collapse in front of me and die. He had a brain aneurysm.
          • Had a guy try to connect his tattoo gun to the light. He electrocuted himself. He died.
          • Had a guy who had come in with a relatively minor sentence. Now serving over 100 years consecutively due to crimes he committed while incarcerated. He would attack any co he had a chance to. He was notorious for popping his door open and attacking COs.
          • Had to fight a psych patient in the back of an ambulance on a transport.
          • Had to sit through multiple surgeries because someone has to have eyes on the inmate at all times.
          • Once I had to wrestle with an inmate when he was coming out of his anesthesia. He was out of it and freaked out."