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Prisoners Movie Quotes

"Prisoners" movie quotes follow the twists in turns in the crime thriller about two girls who are kidnapped. Denis Villeneuve directed the film which was written by Aaron Guzikowski. "Prisoners" opened on September 20, 2013.

In "Prisoners," the Dover families of Keller, Grace, Ralph and Anna (Hugh Jackman, Maria Bello, Dylan Minette and Erin Gerasimovich, respectively) visit the Birch home of Franklin, Nancy, Eliza and Joy (Terrence Howard, Viola Davis, Zoe Borde and Kyla Drew Simmons, respectively) for Thanksgiving. All is going well up until the two youngest girls, Anna and Joy, go missing after playing outside. A local search doesn't find the girls, but they do notice a strange RV in the neighborhood. Keller calls 911 and Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) responds to the case.

Loki is able to locate the owner of the RV, Alex Jones (Paul Dano), but with no physical evidence, the authorities are forced to release Jones. Days pass and Keller becomes angry that the police are not doing more. Wanting the safe return of the girls, Keller takes things into his own hands and captures Jones, holding him as a prisoner, but as Loki digs deeper into the case, it becomes questionable whether Jones is really responsible after all. Pushed to their limits, all are close to losing their souls in exchange for justice.

"Prisoners" joins a movie season already packed with other hits such as "The World's End," "Getaway," "Drinking Buddies," "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," "Paranoia," "Kick-Ass 2," "We're the Millers, "Elysium," "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," "2 Guns," "Blue Jasmine," "The Wolverine," "The To Do List," "Only God Forgives," "World War Z," "Man of Steel," "This Is the End," and "Olympus Has Fallen."
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Keller Dover: "Happy Thanksgiving!"
    Grace Dover: "Happy Thanksgiving!"
    Nancy Birch: "Happy Thanksgiving!"
    Keller Dover: "Anna, wait until we're invited."
    Nancy Birch: "Oh, for god's sake, Keller, get the hell in here."

    Grace Dover: "He actually sings in the shower."
    Keller Dover: "I do not!"
    Anna Dover: "Mommy, can I take Joy to our house?"
    Grace Dover: "Wear a hat, please. You're just getting over a cold."
    Nancy Birch: "Joy, you wear a hat too."

    It's a brisk Thanksgiving Day and the Birch and Dover families have gathered for good food and good times. Just like any other day, the young girls, Anna and Joy, play together and head over to the Dover house. This is when the fun stops.
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    Six Days and Everyday She's Wondering

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    Keller Dover: "Day six and everyday she's wondering why I'm not there. Me, not you, not you, but me! Why don't you look for my daughter?!"

    Keller Dover is at his breaking point when talking to Detective Loki. It's been six days since his daughter disappeared and he doesn't feel like the police are helping. That's enough to send Keller out with a mission of his own.
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    This Guy's a Fake

    Detective Loki: "This guy's a fake. Those girls are still out there somewhere."

    Detective Loki is one part frustrated and one part determined to find who is holding the girls. He knows his previous lead was bogus, but has not completely given up hope.
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    I'm Going to Find Your Daughters

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    Detective Loki: "I'm Detective Loki."
    Grace Dover: "Do you have children, Detective?"
    Detective Loki: "I'm going to find your daughters."

    Keller Dover calls 911 to report the girls' disappearance and are a little concerned when a young detective, Loki, responds to the call. Loki however reassures him that he will find the missing girls.
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