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People Are Sharing The Reasons They Hired A Private Investigator And It Is Wild

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From lost puppies to cheating spouses, these stories run the gamut from creepy to funny when it comes to people using private investigators to get to the bottom of personal mysteries. Here is a small selection of stories featuring private investigators and the weirdness that followed. 

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    Normal Modern Family Ends Up A Lot Bigger Than They Thought

    Posted by u/barcodez1:

    When I met my wife, she seemed to have a normal modern family. Two moms, two dads. Over time it became apparent her stepdad wasn’t around much. Holidays, birthdays, you name it, he’d pop in to say hi, grab a nap, whatever, then take off again.

    My wife’s family thought this was normal, just the way it had always been since they were teenagers. He claimed to have a job following FedEx trucks around the state to prevent theft and drug trafficking. But I thought it strange and started making jokes about him having another family.

    Well, I guess it got my sister-in-law thinking because she gets a favor from the PI at her law firm. Sure enough, he has not two but THREE wives around the state, and five other (step)children between them.

    My sister-in-law breaks the news to her mother who immediately changes the locks and files for divorce. They never speak again. Cold turkey. Divorce is even uncontested. As a FU they also send the report to his other wives.

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    A Five-Time Widow Raises Red Flags

    Posted by u/AWholeLottaSh*te:

    Not me but my friend (also a lawyer, like myself) was handling a contested will. Normally, very VERY straightforward.

    Anyway, woman in her mid 30s husband just died. He was in his late 70s or early 80s, can’t remember. Still nothing fishy because hey, nothing wrong with an adult transaction where a very good looking, young woman sleeps with a rich old man in exchange for the use of his credit cards.

    Here’s where it gets slightly concerning. Two months before his death, he rewrote his will and left everything to her instead of his five kids. Around $35 million in cash and assets. And then it gets downright thriller movie-ish: turns out, the woman is a FIVE-TIME WIDOW.

    Now you may be saying: sure, that could just be the unluckiest, most pitiful widow in the world, but it gets even fishier. In all five of her marriages, the wills were rewritten just months before their deaths, and every cause of death was “natural causes” despite not all of them being as old as the latest husband, and toxicology tests were not carried out during any of the five autopsies.

    BUT WAIT! There’s more!

    It turned out that the widow was never home during any of the deaths, yet insisted the autopsies were carried out at the same institute.

    BUT WAIT, STILL MORE! Widow is also distantly related to one of the higher ups at the institute.

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    Discovered That Dad Was A Great Guy

    Posted by u/marburusu:

    My good friend was only raised by her mom growing up, who would always tell her that her father had walked out on them when she was a baby and that he had never wanted anything to do with her. My friend took it really hard and struggled through her entire childhood believing in that... but then a couple of years ago she hired a private investigator to see if they could find him again.

    Well, they did, and it turned out what her mother told her was a lie; her dad is seriously one of the sweetest snd soft-hearted guys I’ve ever met. He left because my friend’s mom forced him out when he uncovered her infidelity. I guess he wasn’t actually her dad, because her mom cheated on him while they were together, but he loved her like she was his own and has only avoided contacting her because her mom convinced him he legally has no rights to her child— and, even worse, she threatened to accuse him of [abusing] my friend when she was a baby if he reached out anyway.

    Thankfully my friend is an adult now and has moved out from her mom’s house, and she can have the relationship with her dad that she always wanted. It just sucks that she had to go through the effort of hiring a PI to achieve that.

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    Needed Help To Find Estranged Mother

    Posted by u/crayzcheshire:

    Hadn't heard from my mom since I was about 15 (very unstable due to drugs and alcohol). When I was 29, I decided it was time to find out what happened to her. I figured if she was a Jane Doe somewhere then I could put her to rest, and if she was alive then I wanted to let her know that I forgave her.

    Hired a PI to help. I guess she was moved by my story and so she also ran info for the man my mother was apparently married to (on the house). And with one clue from his report, I was able to track them down.

    I wouldn't have found my mom (alive and was just starting to recover after being homeless and an addict for many, many years) if it wasn't for the PI who kindly ran an extra report for free.

    Mom has remained sober now for about seven years and is probably the healthiest she's ever been, physically and emotionally.

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