Which Pro Sports Teams Changed Their Names For The Better?

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Vote up the newer big league team names you prefer to the originals and vote down the monikers you don't think improved upon the older names.

Some of the best sports franchise names of all time were not, in fact, any pro team's original name. The New York Yankees, to name just one example, were once the New York Highlanders, which nobody associates with pinstripes at this point. Still, that was the official name for the Big Apple's go-to baseball team until early in the 20th century, when somebody decided "Yankees" sounded better.

Whether they're in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or any other American pro sports league, teams that change names usually do so because of a big shakeup like moving to a new city, but there are plenty of reasons to swap out one moniker for another. This list isn't about reasons, though. It's about a simple comparison between teams' old names and their current ones. Which sports franchises improved their names with replacements, regardless of the reasoning, and which organizations somehow managed to make themselves less cool? Vote with your hearts, sports fans. And your fingers.