Product Name Fails You Won't Believe

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Have you ever wondered who actually sits around and comes up with the names of all the products so many us of keep around the house? Who came up with ‘Kleenex’? Who decided a hammer wielding arm on the side of a box of baking soda was the right way to go? Though you may not have given the above examples a whole lot of thought, here's a collection of product name fails so epic that you just can’t help but wonder what the story is behind them. It’s possible that you’ve never actually come in to contact with any of the product fails you’ll find here, and that's most likely a good thing. A lot of these are completely insane and should have never made it on to store shelves. Here are some seriously funny product names that only the luckiest among us will ever stumble upon in real life.

Not everything you’re about to see if for the faint of heart. The not so easily offended among you can rest assured that you’re about to be rewarded with one of the best laughs you’ve had in a while.