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20 Professional Athletes Turned Actors

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List of professional athletes turned actors, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several professional baseball players, basketball players, and football players have appeared in popular films and TV series. Some of these athletes prefer to appear in comedies while others take roles in more dramatic projects. Several famous body builders and wrestlers have gne on to become action stars.

Who is the most famous athlete turned actor? Arnold Schwarzenegger tops this list. The Professional body builder has appeared in such films as The Terminator and Predator. Professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson has appeared in such films as Pain & Gain and the Fast & the Furious series. NFL player Carl Weathers has appeared in such films as Rocky and Predator, as well as on the TV series “Arrested Development.”

Professional skateboarder Jason Lee has appeared in such films as Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky. Professional soccer player Vinnie Jones has appeared in such films as Snatch and Swordfish, as well as the on TV series "My Name is Earl."

Which former athlete do you think is the best actor?