Nostalgic Cartoons You Never Realized Were Actually Super Progressive

Cartoons aren't generally considered hotbeds of political commentary or epicenters of social change, but in reality, there are plenty of cartoons you never realized were progressive; beloved animated series that sent messages of inclusively and tolerance in either matter-of-fact or cleverly obscured ways. It would be difficult to argue that any progressive '90s cartoon show or even '00s cartoons had an overtly political agenda. Looking back, most of us notice the dirty cartoon jokes before the social messages. Nevertheless, the cartoons you watched as a child had more to offer than silly humor and occasionally creepy animation. 

Diversity, inclusion, and acceptance aren't radical ideas, but back when these shows were on the air, certain progressive ideas weren't commonplace in mainstream pop culture. How many messages did you miss in these nostalgic cartoons that were ahead of their time?

Photo: Pepper Ann/Disney