'Project Runway' Winners: Where Are They Now?

Where are all the Project Runway winners now?  Many of the aspiring designers who won Project Runway have continued to have exciting careers in the fashion industry. If you have ever wondered, "Project Runway winners, where are they now?" then this is the list for you.

Seth Aaron of Project Runway now uses cutting-edge technology to make 3D printed shoes. Season 8 winner Gretchen Jones now shifted her focus towards creative consulting, but her Instagram reveals she's still living a fabulous, fashion-forward life. 

The contestants on Project Runway each had their own distinct personality and style, which was reflected in the designs they were asked to whip up week after week. The elegant and dramatic designs from Christian Siriano’s Project Runway clothing line earned him the title of winner of season 4. Since his time on the show, he's made a name for himself in the celebrity fashion world. But he hasn't forgotten his roots. In Season 17 of Project Runway, Siriano carried on Tim Gunn's torch as mentor to the contestants after Gunn left the show. 

The Anya Ayoung Chee clothing line is doing very well, based out of the Season 9 winner's native Trinidad and Tobago. Season 14 winner Ashley Nell Tipton now has a contract with JC Penny. Keep reading to see what the rest of the winners of Project Runway are up to now. Below you'll see the previous Project Runway winners, as well as what they've been working on, in order of when they went home with the title. 

Photo: Project Runway / Bravo

  • Jay McCarroll Won VH1's 'Celebrity Fit Club'
    Photo: Celebrity Fit Club / VH1

    The very first winner of Project Runway, Jay McCarroll followed up his success by appearing on a spin-off Bravo show Project Jay. According to his Instagram, he still seems to be living a colorful life.

    He was also the winner of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, losing 40 pounds on the reality show. 

    • Birthplace: Lehman Township, Pennsylvania, United States of America
  • Following her Project Runway win, Dao went on to executive produce and serve as a judge for Project Runway Vietnam. The show started in 2013, and ran for three seasons. She also has a clothing line that she runs out of her boutique, DAO Chloe DAO in her hometown of Houston, TX. 

    • Birthplace: Pakse, Laos
  • Jeffrey Sebelia was a bit of a shocking choice to win Season 3, considering he was portrayed a bit as the villain of the group. He seems to have softened a bit since then — one of his many projects involves designing clothes for kids. Sebelia returned for Project Runway: All Stars, placing 7th out of 11 contestants.

    • Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
  • Ah, Christian Siriano. A fan-favorite who blossomed into a seriously talented designer, Siriano was always destined for big things. He was the youngest person to ever win the show, and now he can boast celebrity clients like Victoria Beckham, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna. On this past season of Project Runway, he even returned as a mentor to the contestants after Tim Gunn left the show for good. 

    • Birthplace: Annapolis, Maryland, USA
  • Leanne Marshall Runs A Bridal Gown Line 
    Photo: Leanne Marshall / leannemarshall.com

    Leanne Marshall was known for her flowy, delicate designs while on Season 5 of Project Runway. It seems her skills are being put to good use as a wedding dress designer. Her collection, which she launched in 2011, can be viewed on her website

    • Birthplace: Yuba City, California, United States of America
  • After winning Season 6, Irina Shabayeva continues to work in couture fashion. She also placed sixth on Project Runway: All Stars in 2013.

    Now, she serves as creative director for MJZ Coture. 

    • Birthplace: Republic of Georgia