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All The Styles High Schoolers Have Worn To The Prom Since Its Inception

Prom is a place for students to dress to the tens, drink punch, and awkwardly dance with their dates to the most popular jams of the decade. Anyone who has ever attended a high school prom, however, is likely to agree that the night begins on a high note - with a pre-party that exists to get gussied up and show off your over-the-top prom fashion for your friends, sharing snacks, and hoping your date says something along the lines of, "You clean up well." 

This prom tradition is nothing new. Since the early 20th century prom, trends have evolved and conformed to the culture. The best prom dresses of each decade are representative of the most outrageous styles high school students could get their hands on, and even the ugly dresses make their own kind of statement about their era. From polka dots and puffy skirts to slim-fitting silk and sparkles, prom dresses throughout history are distinctly separate from mainstream fashion and yet have the ability to transport us right back to a very specific time.