40+ Fun Prom Theme Ideas

The best prom theme ideas incorporate classic elegance with whimsical fun, making for a memorable evening for everyone. Prom themes can be tricky: You've got to please a whole class of students, and not everyone will agree. Prom committee meetings can involve heated discussions about whether Under the Sea will make for prettier decorating than Enchanted Garden. This list includes some of the most popular prom theme ideas.

A great prom theme is all about the atmosphere, and once you've found the right theme for the dance, decorating is a breeze. Some prom themes will involve more elaborate decorations, and they'll certainly be more costly. If your prom budget is big, then go big, by all means! But if you're on a budget, sticking to something fairly simple is always best. A Black and White prom theme, for example, is classic and elegant, but decorating won't break the bank. Dancing With the Stars is also popular and easy, really, you just need a nice ballroom and a ginormous mirror ball hanging from the ceiling.

Each year, newer, contemporary prom themes emerge. Usually, these are prom themes based on movies, television shows, or specific songs. Empire State of Mind, for example, is a great way to combine an incredibly popular song with a New York City theme for prom. Some prom themes based on movies are now classics, such as My Heart Will Go On giving a nod to Titanic or The Time of Our Lives bringing those great Dirty Dancing inspiration. There are also cool and unique themes, like Starry Night - turning the evening into a work of art. Prom really is one of the highlights of high school, and the big dance's theme is one you'll remember for a lifetime. Another huge prom deal? The dresses! If you're looking for great ideas, check out these lists for the best prom dress designers, mermaid prom dresses, and vintage prom dresses.

Hopefully, this list of prom theme ideas will inspire you. See your prom themes on the list? Vote it up - unless you hate it. Then, of course, vote it down. Way down. Down under the enchanted sea, where your heart goes on and on. You get the idea. If you have a great prom theme idea that isn't listed, definitely add it. Prom committees everywhere will thank you.


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  • Masquerade Ball
    914 votes

    Masquerade Ball

  • Black and White Ball
    1,028 votes

    Black and White Ball

  • Midnight in Paris
    802 votes

    Midnight in Paris

  • Enchanted Garden
    693 votes

    Enchanted Garden