The Most Ridiculous, Over-the-Top Promposals

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So just in case you've been living under a rock for the last few years, simply asking someone to be your date to prom is so 2005. These days all the cool kids are into this fun new trend called “promposals.” So what is a promposal exactly? Basically it’s the art of asking someone to the prom through the use of cringe-worthy puns, cheesy props, and in some cases, even fire and live animals (though hopefully not together).

Sound terrifying? It can be! You see the promposal walks an incredibly fine line between cute and creepy, as you’ll see in the promposal pics we’ve gathered below. Sadly, not all of the promposers you’re about to meet have a good grasp of where that line is, as evidenced by the fact that they crossed it long, long ago. 

Thinking of issuing a creative promposal yourself? Here you’ll learn valuable lessons about what not to include in your prom question-popping shenanigans. For instance, while there may be certain ladies out there who will melt at the sight of your goat asking them to “praaaaaam,” using toilets, ruining perfectly good burgers, and conducting just plain old arson are generally frowned upon. 

So, how far is too far when it comes to the promposal? You tell us! Check out some of the craziest promposals ever caught on film and vote your favorites to the top. Who knows, while you’re hear you may even pick up a few promposal ideas of your own!