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Ways To Prove The Earth Is Round Without Leaving Earth

Recently, some celebrities have put forward the (wrong) idea that the earth is flat. Not only does this make basically no sense, but there is also overwhelming evidence that the earth is round! Some of this evidence consists of pictures taken from space, individuals who have actually orbited the earth, and even some wealthy people who have taken flights around the world. Of course, some people need to see things in order to believe them, so is it impossible for these kinds of folks to actually get proof the earth is round?

Nope! As it turns out, there are plenty of ways to go about debunking flat-earth theories right here on our own planet. Some of these things you can do in your backyard, and some might need a little more cash. However, all these things can be done without going into space, and should help show nay-sayers once and for all that our planet is a globe.

Okay, proving the earth isn't flat might not be possible when it comes to some flat-earthers, but these are still some interesting things to try for yourself! After all, not everybody can be an astronaut.