Graveyard Shift Kai Is The The Multi-Faced Mask Clown Leader In 'AHS: Cult,' And We Can Prove It  

Rebecca Shortall
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Kai Anderson (as depicted by American Horror Story acting trope stalwart Evan Peters) is one of the most compelling and mysterious aspects of AHS: Cult's season premiere. He's despicable but fascinating. Is he a terrifying encapsulation of every alt-right Internet troll now emboldened by the political climate? Is he a television-humping, Trump-loving, Cheeto-dust-wearing parody of young white right-wing men? Or is Kai a devious and brilliant cult leader? He may be all those things and more. But there's plenty of evidence (and Internet chatter) to suggest Kai is the one who wears the multi-faced clown mask on American Horror Story.

Kai could be both a conservative white male foil to Ally's (Sarah Paulson) oft-triggered left-leaning liberal and also be the clown leader on AHS: Cult. The two are probably far from mutually exclusive considering Ally's clown phobia and Kai's currently unexplained interest in her. Let's see if we can piece together all the evidence that points to Kai being the leader of the American Horror Story clown cult. 

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Kai And The Multi-Faced Clown Dress Alike

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This may be the most superficial evidence supporting the theory Kai is the multi-faced clown, but look at them side-by-side. They both like to wear trench coats. No one else in the show has demonstrated any similar sense of fashion. Its also interesting to note that the clown leader wearing a multi-faced mask is almost screaming to be seen as a metaphor for the wearer's many personalities. There's Kai the cult leader, Kai the political leader, and Kai the killer. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

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The Three-Faced Clown Appears To Be The Obvious Leader

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So if Kai is the leader of the eponymous cult in AHS: Cult, it stands to reason he's among those performing the crimes. So which clown mask might Kai be donning? Probably the most memorable one – we're talking about the multi-faced clown with three giant phallic-looking noses. This clown seems to be the leader of the group that have suddenly begun terrorizing the liberal citizens of Michigan.

First, he's the one who seems to stalk Ally (Sarah Paulson) the night she goes shopping in the supermarket. While the others perform lewd acts in the produce aisle. Then, most tellingly, he's the one who gives the signal for his cronies to stab and kill the couple living across the street from the Mayfair-Richards, which Oz is unfortunate enough to witness. He's also the one to draw the smiley face trademark of the killer clowns on the victims' front door.

Based on Kai's exhibited aggression in previous scenes, it seems likely he'd be the one calling the shots.

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Kai's Public Confrontation With Ally Would Suggest He Knows Her And Is Targeting Her

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Ally is an obvious target for the clowns, what with her coulrophobia (fear of clowns), but it can't be coincidence that Kai would accidentally run into Ally and Ivy (Alison Pill) spilling coffee all over them. His curt, "enjoy your latte, b*tch" and knowing smile suggest that he's showing up whenever he can to scare her. Which likely means as one of the clowns as well. Since the the multi-faced, dildo-nosed clown seems to be the most invested in causing Ally distress, this one could be Kai in disguise. The clowns are personal for Ally, but Kai's sidewalk terrorism would suggest targeting Ally is personal to him as well.

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The Clown Cult's First Murder Victim Was The Judge Who Humiliated Kai

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Remember when Kai was speechifying about not putting extra police outside synagogues because fear is a powerful thing? Well, he was quickly shot down by one of the judges on the council, one Tom Chang (played by Tim Kang) who also happens to be personal friends and close neighbors with Ally and her wife Ivy. Tom goes in on Kai and gives him a fantastic dressing down while also firing some shots at 4chan and Internet trolling. Obviously, this strikes a chord with Kai because he turns around and tells Tom there's "nothing more dangerous than a humiliated man."  

It can't be coincidence that Tom and his wife are the first victims of the clown murders. Now, if there's nothing more dangerous than a humiliated man, would a humiliated Kai lick his wounds by rounding up his clown cult and exacting revenge on the council man? This would explain why the clowns targeted Tom. There was a personal motivation behind the murder on Kai's part. 

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