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Visual Proof Of How Paul Rudd Hasn’t Aged In Decades

With credits spanning decades and some of the most successful comedies and superhero movies of all time, Paul Rudd's career inspires one question that fans continue to debate: is Paul Rudd immortal? He starred in Clueless in 1995 and was still playing college students eight years later, and he still maintains unnervingly youthful looks as a member of the MCU. Fans wondering about Paul Rudd's age may be shocked to learn the relentessly charming actor turned 50 in 2019.

Commenters online may joke about how Paul Rudd's aging backwards or uncannily ageless, but when you see how his roles have changed over the years while his face stays eerily consistent, you may wonder if the supernatural is at play. We pulled together his roles from his TV breakthrough in 1992 to today so you can decide for yourself.