10 Reasons Why The Riddler Is Actually Batman's Greatest Nemesis

Out of all the superheroes out there, many comic book fans would argue that Batman has the best rogues' gallery. With great villains such as Mr. Freeze, Ra's Al Ghul, and Two-Face among so many others, Batman has to contend with some of the most creative and sinister baddies in comic book history. However, out of all of the villains listed on "Gotham's Most Wanted," there is no better feud in Batman comics than Batman and the Riddler.

That's right: the Riddler is Batman's greatest enemy. More than Two-Face, more than Bane, and more than Ra's. The Riddler is even more of a threat to Batman than the Joker. 

Many may scoff at the idea of the Riddler, AKA Edward Nigma, being Batman's greatest nemesis, but there are plenty of reasons to support this claim. Remember how the Riddler held Gotham hostage in the Zero Year? Or that he knows the immortal secrets of the Lazarus Pit? Or that he knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne? Read on to see why The Riddler is a great villain and the greatest foe of the Dark Knight.


  • He Crippled Gotham During Zero Year

    Based on Scott Snyder's New 52 run on Batman, The Riddler was Batman's first giant challenge early on in his vigilante career. Using his intellect and technological savvy, the Riddler was able to take over all of Gotham City and bring it to its knees, cutting off power and flooding the entire city. While other Bat-villains attempted to take over Gotham in the past, no other villain was able to wrest control of it for over a year.

  • He Knows Batman Is Bruce Wayne

    During the lauded Hush storyline, the Riddler reveals to Batman that he has figured out Batman's real identity. Knowing this, Edward Nigma has a significant advantage that few other Batman villains have. The fact that the Riddler knows Batman's real name could keep the Dark Knight guessing and uneasy, since Nigma could expose Bruce Wayne at any time.

  • He Rivals Batman As A Fellow Detective

    For a short while, the Riddler retired from his criminal life and became a sought-after private detective. While Batman, the Gotham Police Department, and others didn't trust Edward Nigma, they couldn't deny that he was a damn good detective. In fact, many Gothamites hired Nigma to solve cases that were usually reserved for Batman. While many of Batman's foes are highly intelligent, the fact that the Riddler has a detective's mind like Batman allows Nigma to think ahead and better conceal his criminal activities from the Dark Knight.

  • The Riddler Knows All About The Lazarus Pits

    In the Hush storyline, the Riddler reveals that he knows about the existence of the Lazarus Pits and used one to cure himself of terminal cancer. The fact that Edward Nigma used a Lazarus Pit and kept his mind intact should concern Batman. Now, Batman not only has a villain with a high intellect and creative mind, but that villain also knows a secret that could keep him young for centuries. The Riddler might not have to beat the Dark Knight; he could just outlive him.