Prop And Wardrobe Details Fans Noticed In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

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When thinking about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, images of canon-firing ships, Jack Sparrow's swagger, and epic swashbuckling quickly come to mind. A couple elements that don't get enough credit in these movies, however, are the props and wardrobe. Fortunately for us, the biggest Pirates fans online have taken notice and shared their favorites. For example, in At World's End, Keith Richards (playing the role of Captain Teague) actually wore some of his own jewelry for the character. In Curse of the Black Pearl, an edible prop plays a major role. Until his demise, you'll notice that Barbossa always carries a bright green apple with him. Some wardrobe details are even a bit hazardous. In On Stranger Tides, when Blackbeard makes his first appearance, his beard is smoking. In reality, it's said that the real-life Blackbeard would light the ends of his facial hair on fire to intimidate newcomers.

Check out this list of prop and wardrobe details fans spotted in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!