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Prop And Wardrobe Secrets Fans Noticed From The 'Spider-Man' Trilogy

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Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy launched the superhero movie craze in the early aughts, setting new benchmarks for CGI, storytelling, and fandom in the genre. While these elements carry the franchise, there are other aspects that deserve more credit, including props and wardrobe. Fortunately, super fans of Sam's Spidey have taken the time to illuminate some of these incredible details. In Spider-Man, for example, the iconic lunch tray catch wasn't done with CGI, but rather with practical props, Toby Maguire's quick hands, and over 150 takes. In terms of costumes, there are many examples where the colors worn by characters foreshadow their futures. In Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborn wears a green tie to Mary Jane's wedding as he starts to take the mantle as the Green Goblin. There are even prop and wardrobe details that are just downright ugly. In Spider-Man, a close inspection reveals that the shoes the Green Goblin wears are modified Nike Flightposites, which are widely regarded as the strangest-looking sneakers the brand has ever made.

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