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Prop and Wardrobe Secrets From 'The Walking Dead'

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If you are forced (let's say at katana-point) to name a TV show that uses a lot of props, you might just mention The Walking Dead. There are prop guns, prop swords, prop zombies, and even prop possums. Combine those props with all the unique outfits that adorn the constantly contracting and expanding cast of characters and you have a show that relies on behind-the-scenes artists arguably as much as in-front-of-the-camera artists.

TWD's invisible magicians have secrets, 15 of which are disclosed below.      

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    Andrew Lincoln (Rick) Wore The Same Pair Of Boots For At Least Six Seasons

    Photo: The Walking Dead / AMC

    From an interview with former costume designer Eulyn Colette Hufkie in

    Costumes can have a lasting effect on the actor too, and Andrew has a particular fondness for Rick’s boots, and he wore the same pair for at least six seasons. ‘He had the same pair of boots from the first day until my last day. I had to fix those boots so many times because they were falling apart and disintegrating and they didn’t make them anymore. But beyond that, he wouldn’t change them, he refused to. Until my last day that was all he would wear so I imagine he’s kept them.'

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    Hershel's Decapitated Head Is An Animatronic With CG Eyes

    Photo: The Walking Dead / AMC

    From Michelle Romero of Entertainment Weekly:

    "During filming, there was one frame where a fly landed on the forehead, and I thought, 'Wouldn't it be cool if the eyes reacted?'" says Greg Nicotero, EP and the man behind the makeup. "We put contact lenses on one of my makeup artists and digitally composited real eyes onto this animatronic head. Eyes are probably the hardest part to duplicate, because there is an inherent life behind them — that's always the challenge. I gave Scott Wilson [who played Hershel] a replica of his head as a parting gift."

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    Norman Reedus Calls His Character's Crossbow Marianne, After His Mom

    Photo: The Walking Dead / AMC

    From Liam Mathews of TV Guide:

    Well, we still don't know what Daryl calls the crossbow, but we found out what Reedus calls it via During a fan Q&A on the Walker Stalker Cruise this weekend -- which is a literal Walking Dead con on a cruise ship -- Reedus revealed that, "unofficially," he calls it "Marianne," after his mother, which prompted cheers and "awws" from the audience.

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    There Are At Least Three Versions Of Every Weapon: Real, Plastic, And Rubber (Michonne's Katana Has A Digital Version)

    Photo: The Walking Dead / AMC

    From Sidney Fussell of Tech Insider:

    "Any weapon you see, doesn’t matter what weapon, we have at least three versions of it: at least a rubber, a plastic, and a real one," Sanders told us. 

    The rubber and plastic copies help with cleaning and making sure that weapons appear either well used or new depending on what makes the most sense for the story. In addition to these easier to clean copies, some weapons also have a digital version. Michonne's katana is one example. The digital version of the blade is covered in distinctive green tape which allows the effects team to digitally add in the blade in post production. 

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