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Prop Secrets From 'Harry Potter' That Are Simply Magical

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The world of Harry Potter is already filled with magical secrets, but some of the true secrets of the franchise lie behind the scenes of the famous Wizarding World. To make the films feel real (and before everything was shot on a blue screen), a lot of the authenticity came from the props of Harry Potter, and the secrets that went into creating the magical world that we know and love. Now that the series has ended, we can finally learn some of the tricks that the filmmakers used to make Harry Potter come to life. 

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    The Floating Candles In The Great Hall Were Real - At First

    In the first Harry Potter film, the magical floating candles in the Great Hall were created by a special-effects rig that suspended real candle-shaped holders (with oil and burning wicks) on wires that moved up and down on command.

    The filmmakers opted to re-create the candles with CGI for the subsequent films after an accident where one of the wires snapped and a candle fell to the ground. Luckily, nobody was injured. 

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    The Engraving On The Mirror Of Erised Is Actually A Backward Phrase

    According to Dumbledore, the Mirror of Erised is a mystical mirror that shows the heart's deepest desires, AKA the mirror where Harry saw his deceased parents.

    The engraving above the mirror reads, "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi," which is assumed to be an adage from a no-longer-used foreign language, but upon further inspection it actually says, "I show not your face but your heart's desire" - read backward. 

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    Hagrid's Body Double Wore An Animatronic Head Modeled After Robbie Coltrane

    Robbie Coltrane, the actor who portrays the beloved giant Hagrid, is only 6 foot 1 inches tall, which does not quite match the height of the half-human, half-giant, who stands at about 11 feet tall in the films. To compensate for the wide shots where you see his full body, Hagrid is played by a body double much taller than Coltrane wearing a fat suit and animatronic head that is precisely modeled after Coltrane.

    The eerily lifelike head is now on display at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. 

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    Scarily Real Models Of The Actors Were Made For The Scenes Involving Petrification

    Many students were left petrified (in a frozen state of terror) in The Chamber of Secrets after the basilisk attacks, including Hermione Granger.

    For the scenes where Hermoine and the other actors were bedridden, lifelike wax models were made of the actors, which ended up looking scarily realistic. 

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