14 Movie Props Used in Multiple Movies

For many films, elaborate sets are built, costumes are stitched together, and props are made. But what happens to the props after the film has wrapped production? Sometimes, the props are destroyed. Other times, they sit around in some Hollywood storage bin, wasting away. However, some props are brought back to life. They are given a fresh coat of paint or a simple rebuild and land a gig on another set. Here is a list of famous props used in more than one movie.

Even big-budget Hollywood movies use recycled props. Why build a whole new jet when you can find one in storage, collecting dust? Sometimes, reusing props is just a way to save money. Other times, a filmmaker is using the prop as a clever homage to another film: Mel Brooks was such a big fan of Kenneth Strickfaden's Frankenstein that when it came time to make his love letter/parody Young Frankenstein, the director used the old electrical equipment from the original 1931 horror classic.

From flying cars to teddy bears to lightsabers, reused film props are Hollywood’s way of going green, saving cash, and paying respect to the past. 
Photo: The Evil Dead / New Line Cinema