Here Are The Prototype Designs Of Your Favorite 'My Hero Academia' Characters

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The design process of creating a character can be quite tricky, especially when that character resides in a world full of unique Pro Heroes and Quirks like My Hero Academia. How does one make a character as impactful and explosive as Bakugo? How does a manga creator design a shonen protagonist who looks ”average" yet interesting like Deku?

Many My Hero Academia characters went through multiple iterations and sketches in order to nail the perfect look, while others went through little to no changes at all from their conception to their final design.

Check out Kohei Horikoshi's early MHA character designs, and vote up the characters who went through the biggest changes!

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    Ochaco Uraraka
    Photo: Viz Media / Bones

    Uraraka was originally going to be named Yu Takeyama and possess Mt. Lady's identity and Gigantification Quirk. Horikoshi later scrapped this idea as he felt a Gigantification Quirk for a main character would be too troublesome for them to handle.

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    Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya
    Photo: Viz Media / Bones

    Izuku's original name was "Mikumo Akatani" and he didn't posses a Quirk, mostly relying on makeshift gadgets to deal with obstacles. Horikoshi disliked the direction this design was headed in and decided to give him a less aggressive look, shorter hair, and an inherited Quirk.

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    Denki Kaminari
    Photo: Viz Media / Bones

    Kaminari was originally designed as a random electricity quirk user who looked far more villainous. His initial design was reminiscent of Present Mic too.

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    All Might
    Photo: Viz Media / Bones

    In his original designs, All Might looked much older. These prototypes were promptly shot down by his editors who deemed them too “lame.” As a result, Horikoshi decided to make him slightly younger and more imposing to create the All Might that exists now.

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    Tenya Iida
    Photo: Viz Media / Bones

    Iida's initial design was made back when the school setting wasn't established yet, showing him as an older character with a completely different look and demeanor. He also sported a helmet that resembled a dinosaur head.

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    Toru Hagakure

    Toru Hagakure
    Photo: Viz Media / Bones

    Hagakure's character was originally a boy, but Horikoshi decided that a girl having an invisible body was a funnier concept. Her initial draft had her sporting more accessories and hero items, along with a mask that had a smiley face on it.

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