12 Movie Fights That Lasted Way Longer Because The Characters Decided To Fight Fair

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When facing off against a dangerous villain, you'd think movie characters would want to finish the brawl as quickly as possible and claim victory. Oddly enough, many movie characters adhere to some idea of a fair fight, where they can only challenge their opponent if the two fighters are somewhat evenly matched. 

How do they accomplish a fair fight? Well, it depends on the situation. Sometimes the characters throw aside their weapons and rely on their hand-to-hand combat skills. Other times, characters might focus on the timing of the fight in order to ensure their opponent has a fair chance. In a famous Princess Bride fight scene, Inigo Montoya saves his opponent from a perilous fall and then gives him plenty of time to rest, simply to ensure the two can engage in a satisfying sword fight. Unfortunately for Inigo, that decision is his undoing.

Characters who want to fight fair may be noble, but they're not exactly the sharpest tools in the box. A fair fight is all well and good, but it often results in a more dangerous brawl than simply maintaining your advantages and ending things quickly. Take a look below at movie fights that lasted way longer than they should have, simply because the characters decided to fight fair.