'The Proud Family' Is Getting 'Louder And Prouder' With Insane Guest Cast List

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Vote up the guest cast members that you are MOST excited to hear voice characters in 'The Proud Family' reboot: 'Louder and Prouder'.

You may have heard, but streaming service Disney+ is coming out with a reboot of the beloved 2000's Disney show, The Proud Family. It's slated to be called Louder and Prouder. Anyone that watched the original on Disney Channel will tell you that it was a hilarious gem of a show with much-needed diversity to boot, which explains why fans are so excited for the upcoming series. And with the insane guest cast that is already in the works (Lil Nas X, Al Roker, Tiffany Haddish - hello?!), it's sure to be a hit.

Curious as to who will be hitting the screen alongside the returning cast members? Check out the roster and vote up your faves.