20 Movies to Show Your Kids to Get Them into Psychological Thrillers

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Vote up the classic films appropriate for kids and teens that will teach them to love and respect psychological thrillers.

As kids get older, they'll get tired of the latest Disney flicks and crave something more substantial. Unfortunately, teens and tweens often assume an R-rating guarantees mature content. Sure, there are some R-rated masterpieces, but gore is not inherently sophisticated and - not to mention - certain thrillers or horror films are not necessarily appropriate for a prepubescent audience. Fear not! We have the psychological thriller, psychological being the operative word. These movies don't just make you scream - they make you think! There are plenty of psychological thriller movies for beginners that are perfectly appropriate - and even enriching - for a younger audience! Below, you'll find some suggestions of excellent films to get kids into psychological thrillers. 

There are plenty of classic psychological thriller movies kids can watch without picking up any colorful language or seeing anything too, too graphic. The Sixth Sense features some spooky specters, but there's also some intellectually intelligent themes about cultural erasure and communication. The Ring may be terrifying, but it's definitely a film that keeps audiences thinking to solve the mystery and the gore is pretty minimal. With a little fishing, you should be able to find a great psychological thriller to show your kids. 

Which movies do you think are the best films to introduce kids to the psychological thriller genre? Vote up your favorites below! 

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