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20 Painful Pub Crawl Injuries

The pub crawl injuries on this list will make you think twice before crawling bar-to-bar as part of a massive group of drunks. From collisions, to fights, to stabbings, you never know exactly what you are getting into when you spend the night wandering the streets in a pack of hot messes, after drinking at every bar on the block. Many of these tragic, alcohol-induced incidents resulted in injuries that just couldn't be mended, and a few unfortunate pub crawlers didn't survive the night. Many towns and colleges reacted to these pub crawl horror stories by re-evaluating regulations of particular pub crawls – which was probably for the best.

These pub crawls range from New York City's SantaCon, where people get drunk while dressed up as Santa (and fight each other), to the "Worlds Biggest Pub Crawl" in Queensland, Australia. So many people have one too many drinks at bars and pubs and have fallen or fought during these chaotic alcohol sprees that you might reconsider your choices next time your drunk friends demand your company on an epic pub crawl.

Drink responsibly, and learn a few lessons from the horrible pub crawl tales below.
  • Lost Leg in Jersey

    New Jersey man Kevin Fynes ended a St. Patrick's Day bar crawl at Hollywood Cafe in 2012. He had so much fun during the crawl and at that last bar that he crashed his pickup truck into a guardrail on his way home, losing the lower part of his left leg. Charges of driving under the influence were eventually dismissed, and Fynes later sued the bar for over-serving him, receiving a $1.5 million settlement.

    Source: New Jersey.com
  • Greek Crawl Fall

    In 2000, Lisa Moran was injured after falling down during a pub crawl in Greece. Eight years later, she sued her travel agent for €4,500, claiming the plastic surgery she needed to recover from the seven stitches.

    Source: The Herald
  • Santa Stabbing in Chicago

    The 2012 TBOX, a Christmas-themed pub crawl in the Windy City, rendered one partying Santa so bloody he looked "like Friday the 13th." During the crawl, one drunken St. Nick jumped out of a bathroom stall and stabbed a dude in the neck with a smashed bottle.

    Source: Huffington Post
  • Fatal Crash in Michigan

    In the summer of 2014, a Michigan man was injured during a pub crawl when he was hit by a Dodge van. At age 62, the man died from the injuries, still wearing the pub crawl t-shirt.

    Source: Michigan.com